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If you just need a tiny boost in order to face that Super Boss, this is the best way. If you need even more of a CP boost, upgrade the gear and see their CP rise.

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This is great when you just need a tiny bit more CP to progress. Ores are frustrating, but are also pretty important.

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New gears, in addition the materials needed to upgrade gears, are found by refining ore. Just make sure to refine short term ore during the day, and when you go to bed at night, load up a ten hour ore. Keep a variety in stock and work with them all. This is about driving up the score and yet it says outright that it has no bearing on gameplay.

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If you roll over a bonus item while you have a bonus active, you will get both or however many at the same time. Some bonuses do not help you out in combination. If you have coins that are about to disappear, they will flash and you should roll over them quickly to claim them. Same with bonuses. If your cannon starts flashing, it means that an active bonus is about to end. It can be slightly confusing to keep track of which cannon is the original when, especially if you have three or four of these active together.

The good news is that a ball landing on a bonus cannon will simply deactivate it and not completely end your turn. Every fifth level ends in 0 0r 5 is a Boss Fight. The level of challenge for each is wildly variable and you need to have the fastest, strongest firepower you can get in order to pass these levels.

Boss Fights are pretty useless for earning coins, so you need to have all of your upgrades done or coins amassed before you get to one of these levels. Generally, the smallest ball on the screen is the one you should make your priority to destroy first. Balls start out larger and split into two smaller balls each time they are destroyed.

Once it reaches the smallest allowed size for the game, destroying it makes it go away and drop coins. By focusing on the smallest ball on the screen at any given time, you are closest to completely removing a moving target from play.

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Sometimes, a much larger ball will enter the playing field but it will be green and have a relatively low number on it. Re-prioritize these types of targets because the total number of shots required to completely remove it and all of its smaller balls that will be created is much lower than that of the smallest balls with very high numbers. At the end of a round, you will get an opportunity to basically double the number of coins you earned in that round by watching a video ad.

Many times, I get 60k, 90k, or even k coin bonuses offered and I always take advantage of those. Watch your upgrade options before starting every round.

Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Tricks for Catching More Fish - Level Winner

The game will sometimes offer a free upgrade to one of the categories for watching a video instead of using coins. Do not upgrade speed or power whatever you do, it just makes the game much more difficult by adding balls with significantly high numbers.

Upgrades Are For Winners As we mentioned above, the coins you earn while playing can be used to purchase upgrades.

Beat the Boss 2 Cheat

Prioritize Money Over Power Since you need coins to purchase more upgrades, it only makes sense for you to prioritize upgrades that increase your income. Continue After Death When your run ends, you will be given an offer to continue where you left off by watching an ad.


Roll Over The Coins As you shoot the balls out of the sky, you will see coins drop on the ground. Unlock New Backgrounds The game lets you change the background in order to keep things interesting. ArtfulDodger December 3, Reply. James December 19, Reply. Mj malik April 21, Reply. Carlo December 26, Reply. Salman December 31, Reply.

Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Tricks for Catching More Fish

UwU January 2, Reply. PJ January 6, Reply. Coltyn January 13, Reply. FoxyByte87 April 21, Reply. Pauline January 16, Reply. Any idea how much is the top upgrade for fire power and fire speed? Matt February 7, Reply. Kyle February 27, Reply. Kevin February 7, Reply. Mark February 21, Reply.

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Sev July 10, Reply. PyroCovers February 22, Reply. Madison March 30, Reply. Jacob Boyd May 17, Reply. My friend has a cannon after he beats a level how do I get that it does a lot,of extra damage. Ron May 23, Reply. If he had the cannon when he beat the last level it follows until he dies or it dies. Add A Comment Cancel reply.